Adele Continues Her Victory Run on ‘The Tonight Show’


Adele stopped by the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night to promote her new album, 25, even though she probably didn’t have to, having already broken sales records for her new album after three days.

They first talked about her concert at Radio City Music Hall last week, which Fallon (and a whole bunch of other celebrities) attended. Then Fallon complimented Adele on her performance this past weekend on Saturday Night Live before pointing out the part where, after performing her first song, “Hello,” she made this face. “I was so nervous,” Adele admitted, “That show is so live. It’s like really, actually live… you just think something’s going to go wrong.” (Which was quite the opposite of what happened).

When the subject of missing artists and getting excited after they come back from a long break came up, Adele swooned over Rihanna and her forthcoming ANTI before lamenting the seeming lack of a follow-up to Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE.

After playing a game of “Box of Lies” with Fallon (that ends with her calling him a five-letter word), she performed “Water Under the Bridge.”

Watch the interview, game, and performance below: