“Hello” Still Sounds Good with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots’ Toy Instruments


Adele performed “Hello” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon under new and potentially ruinous circumstances.In a hold-over from her appearance on Fallon’s show Monday night, Adele performed her single one more time, but instead of her normal band backing her up, she’s jamming in a seemingly cramped “music room” with Fallon and his back-up band, The Roots…

Oh yeah, and did I mention they were playing “classroom instruments?”

That’s right, all your pre-school music time favorites are back; the kazoo, the wooden “music block” you hit with a drumstick, and the bright, multi-colored toy xylophone. Somehow, they still pulled it off: It still sounds like that song you’ve probably heard at least 20 times already.

The secret? There are a few more “traditional” instruments in there, too — keyboard, ukulele, bongos, etc— spread out among the brighter, more distracting toys.