Totally Cute and Convenient Portable Rooms


Our current culture demands a mobile lifestyle, one that’s portable and convenient — and doesn’t just include your cellphone. Moveable rooms and transportable living spaces are in high demand. After spotting a fantastic room in a box (featured, below), we browsed for other modular rooms from designers and architects who have created cute and convenient person-sized dwellings and spaces to take on the go.

If you’re going to live in a shoebox-sized apartment, it might as well be transportable. The Travelbox from Austrian design studio Juust Design is attractive, compact, and has plenty of storage. Use it if you’re the type of person who moves every six months and only takes the essentials with you. The Travelbox has space for a bed, table, bike, chair, and shelving.

The Travelpod lets you set up your hotel room anywhere you damn well please in the great outdoors. The polycarbonate glass box protects you from the elements, so you can enjoy your TV and air conditioning (with a killer view) while everyone else gets eaten alive by mosquitos.

Working in an egg is always better than working in a cubicle. This moveable office designed by dmvA could double as a guest house or getaway pad for one.

French designers Frédéric Richard and Pierre-Stéphane Dumas made an inflatable room that looks like giant bubble, just so you can be one with nature. CasaBubble is totally transparent and is made from recycled, UV-treated, fire-resistant PVC. Best of all, the bubble offers 360-degree views.

Russian architects Arch Group created the Sleepbox as a mobile hotel room. Take a nap at the airport or train station in an ash-veneer cube that contains a double bed, LED reading lamps, and outlets to charge your mobile devices.

For the modern nomad, from TrendHunter:

Called AIRchitecture, this innovative shelter concept by Tiago Sa was created for the modern-day nomad. Offering an interesting bubble-shaped form — inspired by Reyner Banham’s “environmental bubble” design — AIRchitecture provides a convenient portable shelter for travelers as well as those who might find themselves in emergency situations. AIRchitecture has been designed so that it’s easy to assemble and deconstruct. According to the designer, it offers physical protection from the outside but doesn’t have a negative impact on nature. The design is lightweight, transparent and inflatable, and its portable air inflator and plastic exterior are designed to fit in your backpack. A user just climbs into AIRchitecture, zips it shut and can inflate the structure to create its spherical shape.

Music festivals and other group gatherings might make great use of the Flexotel, a foldaway room that can be packed up in 10 minutes and transported to any location. Electricity, lighting, basic furniture, and a full bathroom keep it cozy.

The Kanga Room is your solution for a backyard studio apartment, office, or rec room that you can build yourself with a prefab kit (or have the company do it for you).

Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn . . . modular 2 square-meter portable room.