How Patton Oswalt Joined The Cast of The New ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’


Patton Oswalt will play “TV’s Son of TV’s Frank” in the upcoming revival of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Creator Joel Hodgson revealed Oswalt’s involvement today in an update on the series’ Kickstarter campaign. Though no contracts have been signed, Hodgson is confident that Oswalt will both act in and write for the show. As fans may have already guessed, his character, “TV’s Son of TV’s Frank,” will be a clone/descendent of lab assistant Frank from the original MST3K.

“I am ready to push the button,” Oswalt said in a very short video.

Hodgson also posted the Twitter conversation that led to Oswalt joining the cast.

Sometimes it’s just that easy.

Oswalt joins previously announced cast members Jonah Ray, who will host, and Felicia Day, who will play villain Dr. Clayton Forrester’s daughter Kinga, as well as Baron Vaughn and Hampton Yount, who will voice the show’s robotic sidekicks. It’s an impressive crew, all the more so now that Oswalt’s involved.