Apple Can Pry My Headphones From My Cold, Dead Phone: Links You Need to See


There’s a spectre haunting iPhone users… The spectre of potentially being forced to buy new headphones. iPhone 6S only came out a few months ago, but the iPhone 7 rumor mill is already churning and word is Apple may be ditching the traditional headphone jack, trading it for a proprietary port of some sort.

Sounds crazy, right? But according to VentureBeat pundit Emil Protalinski, this transition is “inevitable.” He cites Apple’s purchase of Beats and a knack for getting consumers to go along with its unpopular decisions to support his, frankly, brazen claims.

While it would premature to start freaking out, this crazy thinking is the kind of shot across the bow that makes you think about your life.

After all, the iPhone 7 will almost certainly come out before we elect our next president, and yet we can’t stop talking about that.

The political landscape of Hollywood is definitely its own animal, one that’s largely Democratic and, thus, kind of quiet during this time of Republican primary fever. The gears of the 2016 election machine are turning, however. The Wrap reported today on the growing popularity of Bernie Sanders among show-business folks, particularly younger actors.

Regardless of where you stand politically, I think we can both agree that Hollywood needs to clean out some of their creative cobwebs. Years of interlocking sci-fi and fantasy action films have taken their toll on my heart, dear reader. Sure, I enjoy comic book films as much as the next guy, but sometimes I need something different. What ever happened to the great, epic tale about true love? Why can’t we make a few trilogies about that?

Marvel, in their unyielding wisdom, saw this coming and they’re getting ahead of the curve with the first movie in the Avengers rom-com universe, “How to Avenge a Guy in 10 Days.”

OK. Fine. It’s actually the latest trailer mash-up from Vulture‘s Remix series. (Seriously, though, this seems a lot more interesting than Captain America: Civil War.)

On the other hand, I’m perfectly content to just watch “The Mountain” throw a keg almost 30 feet in the air.

Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson, the world-class bodybuilder who also happens to play a massive, belligerent knight on TV, broke the world record for keg throwing at a qualifying match for the annual World’s Strongest Man competition. According to Mashable, Björnsson threw a 33 pound keg more than 24 feet in the air.

The good news is if Game of Thrones ever gets cancelled, Björnsson will always be able to get work in Hollywood as a trebuchet.

Actually, he might have some trouble, because TV studios seem to care a lot of “realistic” casting these days. It’s the same reason why TV studios have stopped making TV shows about talking dogs, according to Slate.

“There’s no shortage of pet roles —in fact, the industry is booming. But hokier shows like Lassie were ‘just a different style.'”

All I’m saying is; if dogs can only play “realistic” canine parts on TV, then iPhones should have to do things iPhones have always done… Like use normal headphones.