Robert Durst Just Got Hit with a $100 Million Lawsuit by His First Wife’s Family


The real estate heir, suspected killer, and idiosyncratic subject of Andrew Jarecki’s HBO docu-series The Jinx is accused of violating “the McCormack family’s right to sepulcher,” reports The New York Times.

Robert Durst is currently being held in New Orleans, where he was detained while The Jinx was still airing on a gun charge. The Times’ Charles V. Bagli, himself a significant onscreen presence in The Jinx, writes that Durst plans to acknowledge his guilt, after which he will be extradited to Los Angeles and face murder charges for the death of Susan Berman. (Evidence implicating Durst in Berman’s death was one of The Jinx‘s more dramatic reveals, prompting the L.A. District Attorney’s office to reopen the case.)

The new lawsuit, brought by the mother and three sisters of Durst’s first wife, Kathleen McCormack, centers on “a rarely used New York law granting family members the immediate right to possession of a body for burial.” McCormack’s brother sought the authority to file a wrongful death suit on behalf of his mother, who is 101, but his sisters, led by Carol Bamonte, are pursuing separate legal action.

Kathleen’s 1982 disappearance, for which Durst was never charged, was one of The Jinx‘s primary topics. While there’s no evidence linking Durst to the fate of his wife, who was never found, as compelling as that in the Susan Berman case, a lawsuit targeting his substantial real estate fortune seems as solid a means of legal recourse as the McCormacks have available.