Boyz II Men Perform “Motownphilly” with Fall Out Boy on Jimmy Kimmel


Motownphilly’s back again with some help.

As part of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s ongoing “Mash Up Monday” concert series, Boyz II Men performed “Motownphilly” with Fall Out Boy—the supergroup was naturally called “Fall Out Boyz II Men.” (A name second only, of course, to Bryan Cranston and James Corden’s “M3n Not Boyz.” It’s a good week for R&B updates!)

Fall Out Boy’s brand of pop punk blended rather synergistically with Boyz II Men’s 1991 new jack swing hit. Fall Out Boy frontman, Patrick Stump even participated in the song’s harmonizing/scat-singing bridge .

Past Mash Up Mondays included Weezer and ZZ Top (or “Wee-Z Top”) and Joss Stone and Stone Temple Pilots (or “Joss Stone Temple Pilots”).

Watch the Fall Out Boyz II Men mashup below: