Jimmy Fallon and Seth MacFarlane Sing More Melodic Responses for Yahoo! Answers


In the spirit of the holiday season, Jimmy Fallon decided to “help” the good, extremely confused people of Yahoo! Answers once again on yesterday’s The Tonight Show, this time with the help of Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.

Sitting at dueling pianos in dueling smoking jackets, Fallon read some of the crowdsourced information service’s toughest questions, and MacFarlane crooned responses provided by other kind souls. Why? Because everyone needs answers for questions like this:

“Can a veterinarian tell how many lives a cat has left?” Fallon asked.

“Yes they can. They need to cut a part of the tail off and count the number of rings left. It’s like a tree,” MacFarlane responded (speaking for Yahoo! Answers user HarpsAllDay231).

Since it’s the end of the year, many of the answers were, of course, holiday-themed. The whole sounds vaguely like a loungey version of “The Christmas Song,” but more ridiculous.

“How is Chanukah [sic] really spelled?” Jimmy and Seth have the answer… Or maybe you can just Google it.