Watch What Peaches Herself Calls the “Most Insane Peaches Video Ever”


Needless to say: it’s very NSFW.

The music video to the title track of Peaches new album, released back in September, is…a lot, even by Peaches’ standards. The video becomes exceedingly graphic after a more tranquil first minute featuring a fully nude woman meditating on a rock. Thereafter, we see a flurry of visual motifs of vaginas superimposed in props and set design elements, as well as literal vaginas writhing in an orgy, not to mention a direct upfront shot of public urination. But it’s not all, well, vaginas: the lyrics “can’t talk right now, this chick’s dick is in my mouth” are interpreted quite literally.

Watch the video below (but not at work… and maybe not even at home):

(h/t Pitchfork)