Nick Offerman Hits Peak Nick Offerman with 45 Minute Yule Log Whiskey Endorsement Video


You are about to see the least surprising video of all time. Nothing is more quintessentially Nick Offerman-ish than silence, whiskey, and a lit fireplace: an yet, until now, we’ve never seen all three of these should-be-inseparable elements together at once for any memorable length. But the length of a new promotional video for Lagavulin happens to be 45 minutes.

Yes, you can now sit with Nick Offerman for 45 minutes, letting the crackling fire and the occasional pouring and sipping say all that needs to be said. Should you not have a real fireplace or a real Nick Offerman in your home this holiday season, this video would be the perfect thing to put on loop to provide some respite from the more vociferous members of your family (who presumably aren’t Nick Offerman).

Offerman’s spin on traditional Yule Log videos isn’t his first endorsement of the whiskey brand. Watch the rest here.