R2D2 is Tina Fey’s Current Bra Size: Links You Need To See


Star Wars, Episode VII: The Force Awakens will more than likely crush Sisters at the box office on their opening weekend, but Tina Fey and company are here to remind you that #youcanseethemboth! Or perhaps trick you, using their British accents, into seeing just one? Universal Pictures has released “The Farce Awakens,” a sort of behind-the-scene look at Sisters that looks and sounds vaguely like all the “sneak peeks” and nostalgic featurettes released in anticipation for the new Star Wars film. (In the video, you’ll see Maya Rudolph attempting her best Chewbacca and Tina Fey claiming her bra size is… a famous rotund robot). But who are we kidding, if she had a choice, Fey would probably choose to watch Star Wars too, (likely after she and Poehler finish hosting SNL).

Speaking of SNL, Ryan Gosling will be hosting for the first time this week with (also first-timer) musical guest Leon Bridges. NBC has released the promos, which are more like a weird first date between Gosling and Aidy Bryant. The promos showcase discussion of whether a silence is comfortable or not, wailing pecs (both Gosling’s and Bryant’s), and Bryant’s trademark squirming-away-after-saying-something-sexual, à la Morgan from “Girlfriends Talk Show.”

The Cavendish, the cultivar of bananas most frequently available nowadays at supermarkets, is in danger of growing extinct soon due to “Tropical Race 4,” a new strain of the “Panama disease”-causing fungus that is wiping out crops in Asia. Conan O’Brien, naturally, will not let that happen; using his own funds, the late-night host has set up a banana habitat housing a pair of breeding bananas named Sasha and Keiko.

Just in time for the snow, Jimmy Fallon invited Isaiah Koonce, the young inventor of “Snow Blower Shoes,” to his “GE Fallonventions” segment on the Tonight Show. But perhaps the name of the segment should be changed to “Fallon Being a Curmudgeon To Children.” At least the kid got $5000 out of it?

If it’s your thing, there’s now a dating site where you can find your own Mickey or Minnie. Dave Tavres, a former railroad engineer for Disney, founded the dating site Mousemingle.com in the hopes to “connect people who love Disney and who want that same magic.” Creating a profile involves selecting your favorite Disney songs, Disney shopping habits, and Disney “nerd level.” When you hover over a link, the mouse cursor turns into Mickey Mouse’s glove. Viewing profiles and photos is free, but contacting other members requires a monthly subscription fee of $12.55—the very specific “55” cents is in reference to the year Disneyland opened in California.