Coldplay to Headline an Apparently Somber Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show


Though it may be hard to imagine anyone following the explosively memed act of Katy Perry’s Left Shark at last year’s Superbowl Half Time show, the brave souls who’ve volunteered to do so have been announced. (But actually, they really have volunteered: as The Wall Street Journal explains, they only get paid for production and travel costs).

Perhaps the lead-up back there was too suggestive of an exciting reveal. But it’s not. In fact, this reveal is perhaps the antithesis of exciting reveals. So, let’s just get this out of the way and acknowledge that, yes, as the headline suggests, it’s…just… Coldplay.

The announcement that they’ll be playing the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show (again, they chose Coldplay, with their back catalogue of downbeat ballads, to represent the golden anniversary of the sport many of us refer to as “the one where big people grunt and flop at the ball that looks different from other balls”) comes just a day before the release of Coldplay’s upcoming album, A Head Full of Dreams. To add a bit of excitement to this, it is rumored that Beyoncé will be making an appearance (perhaps to perform “Hymn for the Weekend,” the A Head Full of Dreams track on which she appears). Bruno Mars will also allegedly be performing at the event.