Trevor Noah Demonstrates the Toll Mass Shootings Have Taken on Obama


Yesterday on The Daily Show, following Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino (the deadliest since Sandy Hook), Trevor Noah pointed out that already, in his brief time covering daily news in America, this was not the first incident in which he’s had to do a segment on this form of tragedy.

As Obama has now emphasized, this should by no means be seen as normal. Obama has consistently been the spokesperson on these common tragedies — which clearly won’t stop until gun legislation changes — and due to the frequency of these attacks, his presidency has become something of an act of public mourning, compounded by the fact that such attacks somehow make gun activists even more zealous.

Displaying the excessiveness of this American problem, Trevor Noah showed a montage of Obama’s many speeches following the mass shootings that have occurred during his presidency. “I’ve got to say I feel bad for Barack Obama,” Noah says. “He’s been begging for gun control for six years, and the only major change in the gun debate since he’s got into office has been to his face.” He demonstrates a photo of Obama from the beginning of his first term, juxtaposed with a current photo of the president looking particularly worn. “But at least we have found the answer to the amount of pressure under which black does crack.”

Noah suggests that perhaps Obama should take “beauty advice from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,” an avid advocate for gun rights whose party just voted, following the shooting, against keeping people on no-fly terror lists from purchasing guns (there are some obvious, gaping — white — holes in such legislation, but that’s certainly not the reason they voted against it). McConnell, Noah notes, hasn’t aged much in the last six years; perhaps, he suggests, the fountain of youth is “inaction.”

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