Upright Citizens and Nice Guys: Links You Need to See


One of the main attractions of NBC’s newest comedy streaming service — Seeso — is the UCB Show, taped live at the famed comedy company’s Hollywood location. Hosted by Upright Citizens Brigade founders Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts and Matt Besser, the variety show indeed features a comedic variety — the best of the theater’s community of stand ups, sketch comedians, and improvisers will perform on the series. Today, Seeso released a trailer for the upcoming series, which you can watch on Splitsider. (The preview itself is unfortunately truly a preview — it won’t make you laugh, but rather showcases fragments of a raucous time suggestive of future laughs.)

Today sees the release of Netflix and Sofia Coppola’s A Very Murray Christmas. As was previously reported, one of the many guests (despite the special centering on Bill Murray’s Christmas variety show happening sans guests due to inclement weather) is Phoenix, with whom Bill Murray sings a cover of the Beach Boys’ unreleased song, “Alone on Christmas Day.” Now, you can hear the track — which is also available for download and on vinyl — on Uproxx. Indiewire happened to rank it as the fourth best out of the 14 performances (listed in ascending order here) on the special, saying it’s “one of the only fresh numbers of the special, and so good you wish there was more.”

Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe star in The Nice Guys, which /Film describes as something of an almost-buddy-cop film (the formula is especially familiar from the film’s writer/director, Shane Black, who also penned Lethal Weapon). The site has featured the new red band trailer, which shows Crowe navigating the seedy cityscape of Los Angeles in the 70s, playing one of those types who’s “not in the yellow pages,” and who people go to “if they have trouble with someone.” He enlists the help of Ryan Gosling — who’s a legitimate, albeit questionably skilled, private detective — to investigate a suicide. Overall, what’s most remarkable about the trailer is that it provides both actors — and Gosling especially — with a chance to break their trademark dramatic stoicism and be completely ridiculous.

Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson set up 12 chunks (totaling at 90 tons) of glacial ice to melt outside of the UN Climate Summit in Paris for a (very clearly) pointed environmentalist art project titled Ice Watch; the ice was laid out to look like a clock in Paris’ Place du Panthéon . Of his piece’s relation to the summit, the artist said, “Let’s transform climate-knowledge into climate-action. As an artist I hope my works touch people, which in turn can make something that may have previously seemed quite abstract more a reality.” Read more about — and watch a video on — the project on The Creators Project.