J.K. Rowling’s Opinion on Comparisons of Trump to Voldemort: Trump’s Worse


Due to the fact that the fictional characters from the Harry Potter books have a strange tendency (often aided by J.K. Rowling herself) to slip into reality, calling someone Voldemort is as recognizable an insult as equating them to any of the last century’s real-life tyrants. Thus, many of those who aren’t already making comparisons between Trump and early Hitler have opted for the comparison to Rowling’s fictional paragon of evil. J.K. Rowling has now joined them in making such comparisons, with a slight spin.

As BBC points out, since Donald Trump suggested that Muslims be banned from traveling/emigrating to America, cases of people calling him Voldemort (a man inducing so much horror as to be referred to by characters as He Who Must Not Be Named) on Twitter have drastically spiked:


…etc. This morning, J.K. Rowling decided to weigh in on the oft-Tweeted comparison. Even she’s willing to admit that Trump is something far beyond what her expansive imagination could have cooked up. She doesn’t seem to find the comparison entirely fitting, because, well: