Watch Rachel Dratch Escape From Scientology on “Billy On The Street”


Scientology, man. The strength of its alien grasp is infamous, the subject of so many books and documentaries and Gawker posts. The so-called religion has claimed, among plenty of others, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Beck, Jason Lee, and Elisabeth Moss — who (kind of) makes an appearance in the clip below, which finds Rachel Dratch attempting to escape from the billion-year contract she and all of her fellow Scientologists are forced to sign.

It’s brave of Billy Eichner to do this, to construct what could be a horrific Halloween playpen in order to demonstrate, publicly and on cable television, just how silly and terrifying the structure of Scientology is. Dratch, always game for some down-in-the-dirt comedy, traverses the obstacles of “Leah Remini’s Escape From Scientology” like a pro, first climbing a ladder to sign the aforementioned contract, then standing at the alter while she bears witness to her closeted fiancé’s hardcore make out session with another man. There’s more, but to tell you about it would spoil the fun.

Watch the full segment below, and pray that Eichner doesn’t face the wrath of Scientology’s team of lawyers for poking a little fun.