Sigur Rós Members Produced a Holiday Film About Talking Dogs: Links You Need to See


The Holiday Season is a time ripe for schlock, when pop-stars release albums full of classics to earn money for themselves (and maybe charity, at least a little bit), coffee cups turn red, and studios release glitzy, feel-good Christmas films. It’s safe to assume that most of those films are produced with dollar signs in mind, but it’s not safe to assume that all of those films are produced by men in dark suits.

Icelandic band Sigur Ros

Talking to The Grapevine (via Pitchfork), Orri Dyrason, drummer for Sigur Rós, confirmed that he and his bandmate, bassist Georg Holm, were producers of the film The Three Dogateers Save Christmas. He told The Grapevine, “us serious artist types all banded together to produce a talking dog movie,” which, paired with the poster above, is just about the most perfect statement you’ll read today. If you choose to read more than that, you’ll read a kind of depressing bit about how, as producers, Dyrason and Holm were very cheap, so there’s also that.

You may also be depressed if you’re a Kanye fan and you’re dying to hear his mysterious new album SWISH, because he’s apparently played it for his sister-in-law’s husband, Lamar Odom, and he “loved it.” And that’s beautiful, because what the Holiday Season is really about is love. And also buying things, like Star Wars toys.

Rick Springfield, famous for talking about another man’s girlfriend, has let Rolling Stone in on the fact that he has a massive collection of vintage Star Wars toys and that, scandalously, he prefers the toys to the movies. He even has Turkish bootlegs that are worth a pretty penny, not that he needs the dough, what with his starring in such Hollywood hits as Ricki and the Flash . Watch the video at Rolling Stone to see a somewhat in-depth look at toy collectors. Man, people will spend a lot of money silly things. Just check out this shirt: $450 for a “distressed tuxedo shirt,” all because it’s Saint Laurent Paris. It even comes in XXL, so you can get that signature SLP-slash-Harry look, which is that of a tent suspended on two pieces of cracked kindling.

So don’t spend a lot of money on silly things — and if you do, don’t waste your life away photographing them for your significant other like these Instagram husbands have.

Happy Holidays, everyone.