Is Azealia Banks’ “Count Contessa” Video a Tease for Her Long-Due ‘Fantasea II’ EP?


Azealia Banks released a new music video Tuesday for her single “Count Contessa,” the first track off her perpetually upcoming EP, Fantasea II.Though reports initially suggested Fantasea II would be released July, 2014, the record’s release is very much a mystery. In February, Banks said she hoped to release Fantasea II as a double album with a remastered version original Fantasea EP.

“Count Contessa” was originally released on SoundCloud in 2013, though it has since been pulled from the service.

After getting her fortune told in a long introduction, Banks spends the video on a dark beach doing some light arm-dancing. After holding on to Fantasea II for a couple extra years, maybe she’s just over it. Though the fact that she’s releasing years-old music certainly doesn’t bode well for any fans who might be looking forward to anything new from the oft headline-grabbing artist.