‘The Daily Show’ Calls Donald Trump the Leader of “White ISIS”


In trying to figure out how why Donald would call for a ban on Muslims immigrating to the U.S., The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah and Hasan Minhaj stumbled on the conspiracy theory to end all conspiracy theories: Donald Trump is secretly the leader of “WISIS”… That’s short for “White ISIS.”

In a segment Tuesday night, Minhaj also suggested that International Muslims stay out of the U.S., not because they could be terrorists, but because the current climate of intolerance means there are anti-Islamic terrorists already here.

“One third of a major political party in America is backing a racist maniac,” said Minhaj. “This place is scary right now.”

In similar form, he also tackled the racist assertion that Muslim citizens need to somehow actively show they’re not in bed with a terrorist organization, saying, “Look I know there’s just a lot of nuance to the situation and every conservative isn’t the same, I know,” Minhaj said. “But it’s just easier on my brain to be irrationally afraid of an entire group of people.”

Your move, white ISIS. Your move.