Watch Billy Eichner and Will Ferrell Intimidate Passersby with Their Violent Christmas Spirit


Tonight’s Billy on the Street sees Billy Eichner and Will Ferrell sporting ornament patterned fleece onesies and torpedoing around the streets of New York asking people trivia about Christmas movies. TruTV shared this segment today on Youtube, and you can watch it below.

Of course, since this is, after all, Billy Eichner, his approach to questioning the strangers in the street seems more like an interrogation by a power-hungry cop than a nice game of trivia. He trails Ferrell along and screams questions about, say, who starred in Scrooged, and more subjective questions like “Which is better, gold, frankincense of myrrh?” at people. Those who answer according to his hilarious illogic of what’s “correct” get a dollar violently thrown their way.

Midway through, Eichner and Ferrell switch activities, and begin attempting to give presents — like a full-sized, wrapped bale of hay — out to unwilling passersby, before ultimately ditching any facade of purpose and simply beginning to shout Christmas-themed expletives around the streets.

Watch the dizzyingly funny video: