Michelle Obama and SNL’s Jay Pharoah Rap About Why You Should Go To College


Add “spitting bars” and “having a decent flow” to the long list of skills possessed by the current FLOTUS.

Michelle Obama joined Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoah (who himself does a spot-on impression of her husband) for a music video on why you should go to college. Though Obama’s solo verse is brief, her charisma and verbal dexterity shine through the inherent didacticism and staidness of PSAs: “South Side Chicago, we all know / We had to do overtime every night to make it tomorrow / And everyone could really make their dream true / Hey, kid, listen’ in Michigan / That could be you!”

Other gems include: Pharoah and Obama stunting on the White House lawn, a blink-and-you’ll-miss talking George Washington portrait, and a delineation between astronomy and astrology.

Though the skit is billed as a College Humor production, it is actually part of Obama’s “Better Make Room” campaign and “Reach Higher” initiative.