Jon Stewart Reunites With Colbert, Dons Trump Wig and Cheetos Makeup


Just as news comes that Stephen Colbert’s ratings have dropped to a new low, Jon Stewart arrives to save the day. At least, as far as YouTube views are concerned.

The former Daily Show host and best buddy of Colbert made an appearance to bring awareness to the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Reauthorization Act, which will extend health care benefits and financial aid to survivors of 9/11. Sounds good, but the problem was that Stewart was, as Colbert shouted, “Boring!”

The solution? “Trump it up.” And so he did, both figuratively and literally, puffing out his chest and mimicking perfectly Trump’s unique speech cadence while wearing an absurd wig and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos all over his face.

His argument in favor of passing the Zadroga act was strong, but mostly because of its rampant reliance on Trump-esque threats. Especially effective should be his threat to “tie the members of congress together, dip them in gold, and wear them around my freakin’ neck.” It all sounded very presidential.

Watch the full clip below.