Cate Blanchett Has Fallen Prey to the Superhero Movie


This morning, we mourn the loss of one of the few Hollywood A-listers who had yet to succumb to the allure of the superhero film. Cate Blanchett, Australian talent with beauty to match, is in talks to star in an upcoming Thor film.

Slashfilm is reporting (via Variety) that Blanchett, who most recently starred in the beautiful, Golden Globe-nominated Carol, will most likely be the female lead in Thor: Ragnarok, though what exactly her role will be remains unknown. You’ll recall that Natalie Portman appeared in the first two films as Thor’s scientist girlfriend, Jane Foster, but she’s been made scarce in the Marvel Universe since. In that context, it makes sense that Marvel would want to enlist another heavyweight actor in the female lead. And, for Blanchett — and any other human who is given the opportunity — it makes complete sense to join the Marvel Universe.

Few properties in the world are as bankable as Marvel’s superheroes, and because the films are basically cogs of a giant, single narrative, it makes sense, financially, to sign on for what could be endless on-screen appearances (and paychecks). Whether or not Blanchett’s eventual role will result in her appearance in a dozen films is up in the air, but lord knows the things could benefit from her talent.

Thor: Ragnarok has an oddly specific, faraway release date of November 3, 2017.