Hillary Clinton Meets Millennials on Their Home Turf, Visits Set of ‘Broad City’


Can you tell that Hillary Clinton wants to young feminists to know she’s hip? Because Hillary Clinton really, really wants young feminists to know she’s hip.

And who’s younger, more feminist, or more beloved by young feminists than Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson? Broad City executive producer Amy Poehler, maybe. Which is why Clinton wrangled all three of them together for a photo on the set of Broad City season 3, and had a social media intern throw in a “#yas” for good measure.

Sorry, Hillary: a) it’s “yas, queen” and b) there’s no way the Ilana and Abbi of the show aren’t Bernie supporters. IRL Glazer and Jacobson are understandably over the moon, though.

Check out the photos, already spreading like wildfire on social media — it’s almost like they were supposed to! — below.

Update: Comedy Central has announced Clinton wasn’t just dropping by to say hi; she’ll actually be in the new season of Broad City, which premieres in February. Guess we’ll find out exactly where Abbi and Ilana stand on the question of Hillary vs. Bernie.