Surprise: Prince Releases New Album ‘HITRUN Phase Two’


Prince dropped a brand new album today, HITRUN Phase Two. A sequel to September’s Phase One, the release is available to stream on Tidal and purchase on iTunes. Featuring 12 tracks, HITRUN P2 includes the moving Freddie Gray-inspired song “Baltimore, about the young African-American man who fell into a coma while being transported in a police van after his arrest and died. Gray’s spinal cord injuries are being blamed on unnecessary force used by Baltimore police. William Porter, the first of six officers accused in Gray’s death, is currently on trial.


01 “Baltimore” 02 “RocknRoll Love Affair” 03 “2 Y. 2 D.” 04 “Look at Me, Look At U” 05 “Stare” 06 “Xtraloveable” 07 “Groovy Potential” 08 “When She Comes” 09 “Screwdriver” 10 “Black Muse” 11 “Revelation” 12 “Big City”