‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Breaks Kickstarter Records, Funds Reboot


Nostalgia is in the air thanks to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and it’s benefitted the massive built-in fanbase for Mystery Science Theater 3000. The Kickstarter seeking to fund a MST3K reboot has come to a close with a record-breaking $6.3 million, the largest amount ever raised using the crowdfunding platform, beating out the previous record holder, the Veronica Mars movie. The page itself raised $5,764,229 in only one month, plus outside donations to resurrect Joel Hodgson as the snarky host with the most and his robot friends who mock terrible movies (we recently tried to wrap our minds around such a large figure).

According to CNN, “Comedian Jonah Ray of ‘Nerdist Podcast’ and Comedy Central’s ‘The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail’ has agreed to play the new lead character. Comedian Patton Oswalt and actress Felicia Day have also signed on to the project.” Also, “Hodgson said he invited Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris, Jerry Seinfeld, Mark Hamill and Bill Hader to do cameos. Hamill tweeted his support for the campaign, and Seinfeld promised to make an appearance if the campaign reached its goal.”

Yesterday on Twitter, Hodgson wrote: “Thanks to all for the kind words about #bringbackMST3K We are thrilled and exhausted. Should have an update on Monday or so. #grateful.”