The Best Steve Buscemi Merch


Happy birthday to our favorite bug-eyed babe, Steve Buscemi. The Ghost World and Fargo actor with the name we love to mispronounce doesn’t think the Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes Tumblr is as great as we think it is, but memes like that have helped elevate Buscemi’s reputation to Internet God. Naturally, some pretty fantastic merch has followed, featuring riffs on all of our favorite Buscemi characters — which are really all Buscemi anyway, so what’s not to love? Spend your dollars on these goodies.

All hail Saint Stephen. $10

Living in oblivion, but got this sweet lapel pin. $9

“The little guy, he was kinda funny-looking.” $14

Our current occult obsession meets Buscemi’s bug-eyed mug. $39

Disney princess Buscemi wants to look deep into your eyes, but real-life Buscemi hopes you’ll notice his snaggle tooth, too. $50 (top), $34 (bottom)

The face you want to paste everywhere. $1

Now you can wear the same shirt as Buscemi’s Lenny Wosniak on 30 Rock, Jack Donaghy’s 21 Jump Street-esque private detective. $25

Pencil skirt alert. $35

“Why am I Mr. Pink?” $20

Crazy Eyes from Mr. Deeds thinks your leggings look good. $49

Illustrator Zack Wallenfang captures every lovely imperfection. $500