Watch John Oliver Give a Lesson in Regifting


As John Oliver makes clear in the video below, Last Week is off the air until February. That hasn’t stopped him from attempting to go viral, though, so he’s released a helpful explainer of the delicate art of regifting.

Regifting, should you be unfamiliar with the concept, was made infamous in the Seinfeld episode “The Label Maker,” in which Tim Whatley regifts a label maker. Whether or not the term existed in the popular lexicon prior to that episode, we’ll never know, but should any clarification of the act be necessary, John Oliver rightfully sums it up in this handy guide.

A few examples of the wisdom shared within: first, obviously do not regift to the original gift giver, or even a close friend of that gift giver. Second, make it personal with a note (“Thought of you!” will do, he says). Third, rewrap the gift, or, should that prove too difficult, put it in a gift bag — which Oliver coins “the sweatpants of giftwrap.”

There’s more subtlety to regifting than you’d assume. Watch the clip below should you seek more education, and be sure to celebrate National Regifting Day, which is apparently a thing that happens on December 17 or 18, depending on where you look.