Right-Wing Tinder and the Year in ‘Hotline Bling’: Links You Need to See


Have you ever wanted to swipe right, but just couldn’t bring yourself to take a chance on a man who didn’t have same desire to take away women’s rights or protect employers’ rights to fire someone based on sexual orientation? Sean Hannity might just have the answer for you, just like he always does. And no, it’s not Hannidate.

Hannity likes the sound of a Tinder for conservatives, he tells the International Business Times. One can only imagine what it’s like for a conservative on Tinder, having to deal with someone of such opposing viewpoints and maybe having to confront one’s own outdated ideals. What a nightmare that would be, to have to achieve self-awareness and question just why one thinks something. Lord knows it’s helpful to challenge one’s motivations — it would do James Cameron some good.

Cameron, lord of sci-fi and progenitor from which the furry blue cash-cow of Avatar was sprung has it in his mind that the world needs three more Avatar films, and the first is slated for a 2017 release date. Someone, please: slap him. Or at least insert his head into a Drake video and have him get thrown around, like pepperoni or something.

Or a tennis ball, or so many other things. Because, even though the video for “Hotline Bling” didn’t come out until October, this was definitely the Year of “Hotline Bling,” and people did a lot with it. Thanks to Stereogum, all of that beautiful stuff can be found in one place, in one video, for your swift and convenient consumption. It’s tough to imagine the world without that “Hotline Bling” video, without James Turrell’s response to that “Hotline Bling” video.

How many people learned about James Turrell because of Drake? Would he have been named as creator one of Design Boom‘s top 10 installations of 2015 had he not been associated with Drake? Probably, but it will forever be a mystery — one enigmatic enough to require the expertise of Sherlock.

Because, regardless of how much love we throw into the air — regardless of how many times we swipe right on only somewhat attractive people of similar temperaments and beliefs — crimes occur, even during the holidays. And so Sherlock Holmes must investigate, as he does in the trailer for the Holiday special of the BBC One series. Coming up on Sherlock: the mystery of the War on Christmas.