Amazon Gets its Own Weed Dramedy, Starring Margaret Cho


With High Maintenance on its way to HBO and Adam Scott’s Buds in development for NBC, Amazon has decided to devote some of its own infinite airtime to another character-driven weed dramedy.This one happens to star (and be executive produced by) Margaret Cho as an alternate version of herself.

The hourlong series, written by Liz Sarnoff (of Deadwood and Lost) is called Highland. As described in Deadline, it’ll see Cho’s character moving home after a court ordered rehab to her weed dispensary-owning “dysfunctional” family.

Cho has, in the past, spoken about being “super into” weed — as in the video clip below, in which she describes how it’s helped her connect to other comics. Her tolerance, she says, is “pretty legendary,” and the “only person who’s been able to best [her] is Snoop Dogg.”