Watch Adele’s Entire Radiant Radio City Performance


Adele, light of our life and savior of the music industry, debuted her 25 material at Radio City Music Hall last November. The performance was filmed by NBC, which aired it last night at 10 p.m. EST so that everybody could have a good sob before heading to bed.

The performance is astounding simply because of Adele, who manages to turn the overwrought song of the heart into something worth championing, probably through her unassailable singing voice and charming personality. Because, while it’s true that the British songstress is an amazing belter, her speaking voice is, in contrast, a little bit busted and full of character in a way that betrays her regal art. It really does make for charming stage banter, which is great for clearing the tears from the eyes of the emotionally awakened — or helping those of us who remain unmoved from falling asleep on our couches.

Watch the full clip below, via The Fader . And, if after watching this you’d like to catch her live, well, you’re in luck.