Watch Billy Eichner and Sarah Jessica Parker Rant About ‘Sex and the City 2’


Billy on the Street began as a simple series starring an unknown comedian who yelled at people on the street. Now, it’s a simple series starring a fairly-known comedian who yells at people on the street but also talks to a rotating cast of celebrities about inappropriate things. (He also sometimes forces them to run a Scientology-themed obstacle course.) This time, he’s chatting with Sarah Jessica Parker about sex apps, reindeer, and why Sex and the City 2 was so thoroughly shit on.

Eichner’s SATC 2-centric rant actually raises some good points, primarily that a bunch of “bros” who were bitter at the show’s success in skewering their buds were happy to finally have the chance to pile on with negative criticism. Also, his response to the believability of Kim Cattrall in the Middle East? “You won’t believe Kim Cattrall would go to the Middle East, but you believe in Chewbacca?” (He was, of course, yelling this all very loudly, because that is what he does.)

After all of this, which SJP watches in maybe too-complete amazement, Eichner forces the star of HBO’s upcoming show Divorce to play a game called “Reindeer or Sex App,” which involves SJP deciding whether or not a word is the proper name of a sex app or one of Santa’s reindeer. It’s as easy as you’d think. Also, there’s a Tickle Me L. Ron Hubbard doll.

Watch the clip below: