Watch: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and the Broad City Ladies Are Four Sisters


There is incredible synergy in the comedy world, probably because the Upright Citizens Brigade has probably produced every famous comedian you’ve ever heard of. (Well, most of ’em.) Sometimes that synergy produces bad things (see: Adam Sandler’s past decade) and sometimes it produces beautiful things, such as Broad City, which found its home at Comedy Central thanks in-part to Amy Poehler signing on as executive producer. And now that synergy is paying even more dividends, as Poehler and Tina Fey promote their upcoming comedy, Sisters, by appearing as sisters with BC’s Abbi and Ilana, who are also playing sisters, though they are not, technically speaking, sisters. So many — too many! — sisters.

The clip features Fey/Poehler as nuns who are there to set ne’er-do-wells Abbi/Ilana back on the path of God, first by giving them rosary beads and teaching them to pray, and then by monitoring their behavior and confiscating any weed they might be smoking. There are some pretty good jokes about anal beads and some pretty cool takedowns of the omniscient, authoritative male narrator. There’s maybe an overdone joke about four women being two-too-many women, but it doesn’t kill the thing. Overall, it’s pretty funny. It’s a pretty good way to spend four minutes on a slow afternoon.

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