Watch Beach House Perform the Beautiful “Somewhere Tonight” on ‘Conan’


It’s been a big year for Beach House. In August, the Baltimore band released its fifth full-length album, Depression Cherry. Then, in October, Thank Your Lucky Stars was released, with very little warning. The albums were separate bodies of work, but both were cloaked in the signature atmospherics of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. One of the albums’ several standout songs was “Somewhere Tonight,” which found Legrand’s lofty voice floating above what might as well be coined “Beach House R&B.” They performed the song last night on Conan.

It’s not the liveliest performance, but that’s not what you’re looking for when it comes to Beach House. What you’re looking for is a vibe, and the band brought that in spades. It’s the perfect lullaby for those of us who would rather go to sleep full of feeling rather than empty-headed. Watch the performance below, and then imagine how great it would be to have the band perform a private concert for you, preferably in the nighttime, as you rest in bed. You can catch the band on tour now, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like they’re doing any house shows.