Watch Stephen Colbert’s Han Solo Annoy Harrison Ford


Stephen Colbert has never been shy of letting his nerd flag fly, so it’s no surprise that last night on The Late Show he arranged a bit in which he interrupted a meeting between Harrison Ford and Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams. While dressed as Han Solo.

The bit plays off of the fact that Ford was hesitant to reprise his role as Han Solo for the Star Wars reboot, and imagines that Abrams brought in Colbert to pressure him into making the decision. It’s a clever premise, and one that delivers mostly because of the willingness of Ford to mock himself — something the curmudgeonly old dude hasn’t exactly been known for.

There’s finger-wagging, gunplay, and an extended joke that ponders the possibility of creating a new Hans Solo movie, Hans Duo, that would feature Colbert as Han’s brother Franz. Not to jump to conclusions, but that sounds like a movie that would be worth seeing. Especially because the Han Solo spin-off probably isn’t going to be happening anytime soon.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in theaters this weekend, in case you’ve been living under a two-ton space rock. Watch the Late Night clip below: