FW Exclusive: Artist Camilla D’Errico’s Required Reading List


Canadian CAMILLA D’ERRICO is an emerging artist whose paintings feature brightly-colored manga-inspired females. Think pretty girls with saucer eyes, like SAILOR MOON.

If live you live in New York you might have seen her work last winter at Brooklyn’s AD HOC ART, where she’s currently part of a group pop surrealist show called IN THE LANGUAGE OF ANGELS through November 23rd.

Because her background is in the comic book industry, we’ve asked her to recommend a few titles for us to geek out on.

After the jump, three of her favorites along with some of D’ERRICO’s own work.

CLOVER by CLAMP – This is one of the most influential mangas that I’ve read and continue to re-read over and over. It’s absolutely stunning. The characters are gorgeous, but the incredible visuals because of the way that they chose to design the pages. It’s a graphic designer’s dream comic/manga, and a storyteller’s paradise.

BLAME by TSUTOMU NIHEI – Another stunner. Tsunomo breaks convention in this manga with his gritty art style. It’s rough and sketchy and his worlds are immense and stark. This manga showed me that I could be free with my art. I didn’t have to be clean like everyone else. I could say goodbye to the eraser!

NARUTO by MASASHI KISHIMOTO – This is probably the most well-known series that I love. It has an amazing story with rich and well rounded characters. The author really knows how to develop a character that you’ll love instantly. Not only are the characters wonderful but it’s her artwork as well. This is someone who will play with all angles and dares to be difficult; she just doesn’t take the easy road. You really have to admire someone who can do that and be successful at it.