Azealia Banks and Cranberries Singer Both in Legal Trouble — Coincidence?


At first, you might not think that Azealia Banks has much in common with Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer/zombie of ’90s hitmakers The Cranberries. But you’d be wrong: they’re both in trouble for allegedly assaulting people!

Now, the fact that Azealia Banks, who is more of a headline than a musician at this point, has allegedly assaulted someone probably does not come as a surprise. It’s probably not even surprising that she allegedly assaulted someone — specifically a female security guard — by “biting her in the boob.” But it happened, ALLEGEDLY, on Wednesday night after she was ejected from an invite-only party. The bite is even (allegedly) causing swelling and redness — two signs consistent with the passing of the zombie virus.

What’s more, in that same week, O’Riordan pleaded guilty to assaulting police officers way back in 2014. Now, you’ll remember that O’Riordan’s band the Cranberries is responsible for producing one of the biggest hits of 1994, “Zombie.” The song was really about two young men who died in a tragic IRA bombing, but that’s not to say that the idea of a zombie, which the Cranberries helped to re-popularize in the ’90s, was not put into Banks’ head by happenstance as she perused the aisles of her neighborhood Whole Foods, “Zombie” blaring from the loudspeakers.

So, it really does beg the question: is this just a coincidence that two different, wildly unrelated incidents happened to two separate female musicians, or is something bigger happening? We’ve got our eyes peeled.