The Teaser for ‘Fuller House’ Is Here — And So Is a Release Date


Because we cannot let a good (or bad) thing die, it was announced earlier this year that Netflix would resurrect the gone-but-not-forgotten Full House with a new follow-up series, Fuller House. That announcement was eight months ago now, but we finally have a release date: February 26. We also have a teaser, which you can watch below.

There’s not much in the teaser, just a cute dog waiting in the Tanner household as the whole family — minus Michelle — slowly, slowly approaches the door. Of course, the whole thing cuts to black before the cast can get through the door, probably because their dialog was recorded remotely and so the possibility of the group actually walking into the house was not so much a possibility at all but really just a film trick played by the folks behind marketing this unlikely revival of a show. What, you expected John Stamos to take time out of promoting yogurt to film a spot for the Internet?

The trailer is as saccharine and corny as that original series was, so it looks like Netflix is going to ignore its hip demographic and try to skew towards a less “with it” group of people. We won’t make any guesses as to who that might be, though, so as to not offend anyone’s mothers.