Margaret Cho Joining ‘Fashion Police’ As Permanent Co-Host


Two washed-up pop-culture titans are joining forces: legendary comedian Margaret Cho is joining the once-legendary TV hit-squad on the Fashion Police, in a move that both parties surely hope to be a massive resuscitation of their respective images.

You’ll recall that, earlier this year Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin flew the Fashion Police coop after host Giuliana Rancic made an unfortunate comment about former Disney star Zandaya, saying that her dreadlocks probably “smelled like weed.” We argued that the show should just end, but, in Hollywood, that’s never going to happen. Instead, Fashion Police has spent the year auditioning celebrity hosts, and Cho seems to have won the part.

She tells the Hollywood Reporter:

I love joining the crew of Fashion Police,” said Cho. “To me it feels like family. although I am not quite a fashionista, I would love to look at it like I am changing it up — Fashion Police: Special Victims Unit. It makes me happiest to spend time with Melissa, and when I see her laugh at my joke, I feel like Joan [Rivers] is smiling, somewhere.

This is probably a good move for both parties, seeing as Cho’s last comedy special was somewhat of a bust — and Fashion Police has been floundering ever since the death of Joan Rivers. But things seem to be comin’ up Cho, seeing as it was also recently announced that she would be starring in an Amazon-produced “weed dramedy” about moving in with her pot-growing parents. So, hopefully one of these things sticks.

We’ll find out how Cho handles the fashion squad car starting January 11, when she and her c-list cohorts say mean things about famous people on the previous night’s Golden Globes red carpet.