Amy Poehler via ‘Star Wars’ Figurine: “I Don’t Care About ‘Star Wars!'”


Last night on Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and the rest of the cast of Sisters played with Star Wars toys. It’s fighting with fire, to laugh in the face of the Disney corporate overlords responsible for the world’s biggest movie that happened to premiere alongside your smaller, relatively low-budget, raunch-com. But they did it, and it was funny, and Poehler fulfilled her role as community spokesperson when she communicated through a figurine, saying, “I don’t care about Star Wars! And I never fucking did!” Speak the truth, Poehler. Speak it. And while the truth is being spoken, let’s just subject Fey’s outfit to our gaze, because it is a beautiful thing, those embroidered sleeves. Poehler’s isn’t bad, either. Minimalism is chic, everyone.

The segment also finds Poehler and Fey referring to each other as “work wives” with a unique form of communication that is not quite qualified as “twin-speak” but might as well be. Why hasn’t anyone given these two their own TV show? Get on it, Hollywood!

Sisters is in theaters now. It is not the only film in theaters this weekend.