‘Star Wars’ Made All The Money, Predictably


In what may be the least surprising box office news we’ll ever report, Star Wars: The Force Awakens shattered domestic records in its opening weekend, torching the previous high bars for a single weekend, Thursday night previews, single days, Fridays, December openings, wide-release theater average, and the speed with which it passed $100 million and $200 million. Disney estimates the film put up $238 million in the United States in the period between Thursday night and Sunday, with $517 million globally in the same period.

That last figure is the only bummer for distributor Disney, as it falls $7.9 million short of the previous worldwide opening weekend record – and it’s only a bummer because the still-reigning champ there is Jurassic World, which is a bad, dumb movie. (The shortfall can almost certainly be attributed to Jurassic’s simultaneous debut in China; Star Wars won’t open there until January.) So Disney will have to cry themselves to sleep on their pile of 517 million dollars.

UPDATE: It seems that Disney has updated its figures, bringing the film’s total earnings to $528 million, which is $3.1 million more than Jurassic World. Sorry, Chris Pratt. The Force rules all.