Cinemax Is Trying to Keep ‘The Knick’ Alive, Orders Season 3 Premiere Script


Cinemax has ordered a script for the season three premiere of its period medical drama The Knick in an attempt to extend the series beyond its planned two-year arc.

According to Variety , the network has not officially renewed the series, but has begun taking steps to find a way for the series to continue, including orders for a season three premiere script, a narrative outline for the season, and negotiations with director Steven Soderbergh and star Clive Owen. Creators Michael Begler and Jack Amiel will both return, should Cinemax decide to continue making the show.

Without spoiling anything, the season two finale ends in a way that makes it incredibly difficult for the series to continue organically. The premiere order will essentially act as new pilot for the show as an extended series.

Even if the writers find a way to move forward, both Soderbergh and Owen signed on to create the series with the understanding that it would last two years. According to Cinemax, Soderbergh is involved in developing the concept for season three. According to reports, Owen may be less receptive to keeping the show alive.

Meanwhile, Soderbergh currently has two other upcoming TV series in the works. At HBO, he’s producing Mosaic, an interactive “choose-your-own-adventure”-style series starring Sharon Stone and Garrett Hedlund, and an adaptation of his 2009 film The Girlfriend Experience for Starz.