Lupe Fiasco to Release Three Albums in 2016


Lupe Fiasco, the Chicago rapper who made waves with “Kick, Push” way back in 2006, will has announced that he will release three albums in 2016. The first will be called Drogas.

The announcement was made via twitter last night, and the rapper specified that he would not be taking any questions at this time, so there’s no clue as to the content of the album. Drogas is Spanish for “drugs,” though, so there’s a chance Lupe will return to the themes of The Cool, which told the rise-and-fall story of a drug dealing kingpin. As for the other two albums he has planned, the dude loves a good trilogy, so chances are they could all be pieces of the same puzzle.

For long-time fans of Lupe’s, this announcement, while drastic, isn’t the most shocking — and it should also be taken with a grain of salt. Back in 2008 it was reported that Lupe would release a grand finale called LupEND, a triple-album that would mark the end of his career in hip hop. That obviously never came to be, so don’t hold your breath for a trilogy of Lupe albums in 2016, no matter what he says.

Lupe’s last album, Tetsuo & Youth, was a return to form after suffering through a tumultuous relationship with his label, Atlantic. So, at the very least, news of Drogas is promising because of that.