‘The Man in the High Castle’ is Amazon’s Most-Streamed Original Series?


According to our Internet overlords at Amazon, The Man in the High Castle is its most-streamed original series. This is above Transparent, which is for sure the service’s most blogged-about original series.

As Variety reports, the show, launched on November 20, imagines the United States as a place ruled by Japan and Nazi Germany, and has broken Amazon’s streaming records in just over a month. Of course, Amazon has not released any specific numbers, which is keeping in line with the trend of enigmatic streaming numbers.

It also falls in line with the trend of Internet Buzz Shows being less popular than those of us on the Internet would like to believe. Transparent is maybe one of the most talked-about, most prestigious streaming shows on all of the Internet, and its second season has been all over the headlines in traditional and online media. This is to say nothing of the awards given to the show’s star, Jeffrey Tambor, and creator, Jill Soloway. The Man in the High Castle? Pretty popular, too, we guess. But hey, the idea of Nazis winning World War II is pretty universally fascinating, though, especially when it’s based on a Philip K. Dick novel.

At any rate, it’s good news for the show, and explains Amazon’s decision to renew it just a few days ago. Still waiting on those solid numbers, however.