Watch Mac DeMarco’s Fresh Take on ‘Star Wars’ in His Review


Mac Demarco, the indie world’s darling dirtbag, is a gigantic fan of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, apparently, and so Stereogum asked him to review the new film after seeing it twice. His review is laden with spoilers and contains some very progressive theories as to the mysteries of the film, so proceed at your own risk. (Not really. There aren’t really any spoilers. Don’t hate us.)

Watch Mac below as he sits in what is presumably his own bed room, in front of a wall of odd memorabilia. Fresh off of two viewings of Star Wars, he’s got hot takes on the film’s biggest moments. We’ve got to say that it’s dangerous if you’re a dire hater of Jar Jar Binks, though, because the film’s biggest secret is really brought to life by Mac’s deep insight.

If this video wins you over, be sure to hop on over to Mac’s fancy new website, where you can become a member of his fan club and receive exclusive things through physical mail, because fan clubs and physical mail are once again cool with the cool kids. He’s also going on tour, so you can ask him all about his Star Wars theories if this review makes you question everything in J.J. Abrams’ new film.

Also, be sure to read our review. Watch the clip below: