James Franco to Pull a James Franco on ‘Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?’


James Franco just keeps on bein’ James Franco: Vulture has reported that the rascally multi-hyphenate will produce a remake of NBC’s classic made-for-TV movie, Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? for Lifetime. The film, which Franco is not set to appear in, will be written by Amber Coney and directed by Melanie Aitkenhead. There has not been any official word on casting, but rumor has it that Tori Spelling is playing the titular mother — and though we wouldn’t normally bother mentioning rumors, any rumor involving Tori Spelling in a made-for-TV movie is worth discussing.

As for the original film, well, it’s the thing that Lifetime is made of: Spelling’s character is dating the man of her dreams, only the man of her dreams turns out to be a cloying, codependent murderer. The film didn’t break any ratings records when it aired in 1996, but it’s attained the kind of cult status that is reserved for awful, awful films.

If things go to Franco’s plans, Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? will air in September of 2016, 20 years after the original’s air date. Here’s hoping.

Watch the entire original movie below: