Andy Cohen Thinks Abigail Breslin Is Deformed: Links You Need To See


In the latest Billy on the Street, Billy Eichner meets up with Bravo’s Andy Cohen in “Beautiful Queens, NY” (i.e., a cemetery) to play that classic game, “ New Year’s Eve or Deformed? ” Eichner rapidly spouts a bunch of actors’ names and Cohen has thirty seconds to decide whether they were featured in the 2011 film, or whether they were born with a deformed body part—a feat that proves difficult since there are literally hundreds of credited actors in the film.

In a less confusing game, Andy Cohen recently sat down with Jennifer Lawrence (who is making the rounds to promote her new film, Joy) on Watch What Happens Live to play a game of “Plead the Fifth.” Lawrence is asked three salacious questions, and can only avoid answering one, but she doesn’t filter too much… except maybe the garnish in her martini.

And, in a more confusing game, Dreamcast 2 appears to be on its way to fruition, according to Epoch Times. The original console was discontinued in 2001 due to poor sales (because games were so easily pirated) and stiff competition from the Playstation 2. However, its legacy and cult-status persevered due to games like Shenmue (which recently made the news due to the kickstarter-funded third sequel). The successor console will basically be a pc-console hybrid that will be able to run old and new Sega games via ports (not unlike Steam Machines). If this countdown clock is accurate, New Year’s Eve might be celebratory in more than one way.

Speaking of things coming back from the dead, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, co-stars of Sisters, hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend, but the allotted time was not sufficient for the two SNL-alums. So, NBC has released “Christmas at Nana’s” a cut-for-time digital short featuring Poehler and Kyle Mooney as siblings chastised for fighting, but continue mumbling threats to each other during their “timeout.”

Finally, more about a little guy who will never be given a timeout by us: BB-8! Despite Neil deGrasse Tyson’s nitpicking, there is a real life science behind one of the MVPs of Star Wars, Episode VII: The Force Awakens: BB-8. Techcrunch has a detailed breakdown of the science and mechanics that keeps BB-8 rolling. Hooray for #SCIENCE!