Watch: Gael García Bernal Plays a Migrant Running From a Rabid White Vigilante in ‘Desierto’


The trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s son Jonas’ upcoming film Desierto has been released, revealing a grim tale of a group of unarmed Mexican migrants attempting to cross the border into the United States — and encountering one terrifying American obstacle: a fanatical white dude with a gun. From the trailer alone, this film wins the prize for Film It’d Be Most Fun to Play for Donald Trump on Loop. (Though perhaps his colossal sense of xenophobia would somehow lead him to misinterpret it as pro-crazed-white-gunman.)

Desierto stars Gael García Bernal as Moises — a man attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexican border with 13 other migrants. When their vehicle breaks down, they’re forced to continue on foot — which sets them up to be particularly vulnerable to the cold-blooded-murderous tendencies of a vigilante (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his vicious dog.

Writer/director Jonas Cuarón — who collaborated with his father on the Gravity script — said of his upcoming film, which was seven years in the making:

I took a trip through the U.S. Southwest where I encountered first-hand stories surrounding immigration and the often cruel and violent story of the migrant journey. I was very moved and immediately felt compelled to outline the film…I’ve always been very interested in the concept of films like Spielberg’s Duel, Konchalovskiy’s Runaway Train and Bresson’s A Man Escapes. They are non-stop nail biting thrillers with very little dialogue but that at the same time manage to juggle various themes. I was very interested in the drive of these films where the audience connects with the story and character in a very visceral way. In Desierto, I wanted to create a gripping film that would engage the audience in that same kind of visceral, cathartic experience and also allow them to reflect on this very complicated subject which illuminates the often devastating experience migrants face in the search for a better life.

Desierto will be released in theaters on March 4, 2016. Watch the trailer:

[Via /Film]