‘All Eyez on Me’ Will Star Some Guy Who looks a Lot Like Tupac


The Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez on Me will star an actor cast, it seems, almost exclusively because he looks just like the man.

Demetrius Shipp Jr., who will play Shakur in the film All Eyez on Me, has a single professional acting credit to his name from the upcoming TV movie #Unlock’d.

While casting an unknown isn’t necessarily something to be met with sneers or cynicism, it seems Shipp may have been cast purely for his looks. According to TMZ, producer L.T. Hutton has sent Shipp to a full-time acting crash course after handing him the part.

To be fair, based on Shipp’s photos from the set posted on Instagram, he really does look a lot like Tupac.

Speaking of which, one photo from Shipp’s Instagram account suggests that Notorious actor Jamal Woolard will also star in the film, reprising his role as Biggie Smalls.

Production on All Eyez on Me began in Atlanta earlier this week, following a directorial shake-up and multiple lawsuits that kept the film from moving forward. Morgan Creek Productions announced music video director Benny Boom would direct the film late last month.