Watch How to Dress Well’s ‘Seinfeld’-Themed Video


R&B artist How to Dress Well is not a man known for his sense of humor or self-deprecation. (Just check out his websites or watch his videos.) It’s a weird and great thing, then, that he’s teamed up with oddball twitter account Seinfeld2000 to release a song and video called “The Speed Dial,” which is all about the 1997 Seinfeld episode, “Millennium.” (It even has a pretty killer Biggie sample.)

The episode — and song — detail the speed dial war between Jerry Seinfeld, his girlfriend (Lauren Graham), and her mother (Louan Gideon). It’s one of those episodes that has remained relevant even though it’s centered around some very outdated technological nuance. (There’s no numbered speed dial on smartphones, right?)

Anyway, watch the video below, and then feel free to waste your Friday by diving into the twitter feed of Seinfeld2000, which absurdly creates Seinfeld situations in a way that blatantly parodies and mocks another “future Seinfeld” account. Ah, the Internet is a great, stupid place, isn’t it folks? Can’t imagine what 2015 would have been like without it.

Watch the video below:

And, if anyone doubts that this video/song is not really by How to Dress Well, we’ve got a tweet to prove it.